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Spring Flowers


Whooper Swans

I had fun painting these Whooping Swans, they have a wingspan of 8 feet, the back one crashing into the front one, habitat Finland

Pimm's Pick I

 I have a great deal of interest in my paintings, so I thought I would share some of the things I do with you:
First of all it is very important to know your colors and values, make a chart of all your colors, paint each color three times on your watercolor paper, first full value next mid value then light value.
  By doing so you can choose which value you wish to paint whether it is a flower or scene etc. this adds depth and interest to your paintings. Purchase a color wheel it will help you a great deal.
 Then work with the three primaries  Red Blue and Yellow  mix them together and see how many other colors you can make.

Mission San Diego de Acala

This Mission is very unusual, try to visit it the next time you are in San Diego
watercolor, 2012.

The Purpose of Life

             The purpose of life is
      to discover your gift.  The meaning
            of life is giving your gift away.
                               —David Viscott


  Tulips watercolor 2010  

Flower Pots

      Flower pots : Watercolor  2010

Surf Crashing on Rocks

   Surf crashing on the rocks 2010      

Amalfi Coast, Italy

    Sunset, Amalfi Coast Italy: watercolor 2010                             

Art gallery 1

My new hobby right now is watercolor painting, here are a few that I have done and I will add more at a future time.

  Color Pencil Portrait                                                                        Watercolor Portrait
        Red flowers in square vase                                                    Self caricature 1997


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