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Stand Your Ground Law

   In 1776 or there about our forefathers included the Right to bear Arms in the Constitution, which I understand to be Muskets and hand held guns in the defense of the United States of America, from foreign enemies and foes.
  Why then has the Constitution not been modernized to acknowledge 21ST century technology, with regard to automatic weapons that fire off 100 plus bullets a minute, and hand held rockets launchers that can blow an airplane out of the sky. How is this defending the country?
I think the choice to change this law should be given to the people by way of a Ballot in the general election in November.

Stand your ground law is very strange what if everyone carried a gun and thought someone was going to harm them? will that end up by everyone shooting at each other like in the old Wild West days.


Happy New Year

                  Happy New Year, good health and happiness,
                                    to all my friends.

The Koch Brothers

The Koch Brothers are financing the Republican Party, they are the 4th richest people of old money in the USA. they can buy anybody with no soul. 
George Washington would be very unhappy with the nonsense in congress.

Gun Control in Sunnyvale.

Congratulations to the wise, intelligent and informed people of Sunnyvale, California. 
The voters last night passed a strict gun control measure C. with a wopping 61%
I hope this is a template for the rest of the Country to adopt.
To hell with the NRA, make them donate the millions they have  to 
survivors and families of gun violence.


                                                                   Quick drawing of  Marilyn

Dumb and Dumber

I refer of course to, who else but the Republican tea party and John Boehner. Dumb and Dumber.  Or Laurel and Hardy with there famous line, This is Another Fine Mess You Got us Into.
 I am trying to think of other Movie Titles or famous funny lines, that fit the Republican party. Come on let me hear your ideas too. click on the comment link to share your ideas and add to the list.
Why does the Tea Party call themselves The Tea Party ??????? From my history books they are not simpatico with tea bags being thrown in to Boston Harbor. It is a very misleading title they are using to confuse people. 

Watching Ted Cruz I could not help but see him with my artist eye i could make a great caricature of him, as an Elephant, he has a super long nose, like an elephants trunk.  Big floppy ears, balding head, wide bumpy forehead droopy eyes quite a remarkable resemblance.

But I do not want to make the Elephant look bad as a comparison, Cruz stands alone  looking foolish, he definitely is not as wise as an elephant. Could be Dumbo the Elephant what you say?


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President Barack Obama

At last we have a President who has the courage to think hard and long about the situation in Syria and the Middle East,  when some are accusing him for not taking the unilateral position that previous president have done.
We need to move very cautiously,
there are many sideways that could really be devastating to the entire world.not only the United States.
The leaders in Washington, Congress and Senate should do there job and work together to find a solution, get to work instead of just worrying about if they are going to be reelected.
I still think we must not use military force. It would be amazing if the UN and international community were able to achieve a CEASE FIRE in Syria. this is the real answer.

Prince Geordie

Well ! well ! well !  We have a royal Geordie now.  Congratulations to William and Kate on there new baby boy. Everyone is trying to understand why the parents have chosen the name George.
Let me tell you a secret, the little prince has family connections, by way of Kate's family, to the commoners in the North of England.
(Geordies) were named after our own President George Washington whose family were from Durham in the North of England.

I think the British now want to embrace George Washington as one of there own and not a rebel of the British as in 1776.


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